How a purifying face wash is different from your common face wash

  • Dec 08, 2020
  • arata purifying face wash arata purifying face wash

    A purifying face wash should essentially get rid of dirt, sweat, sebum, bacteria, dead cells and makeup from the skin's surface, without stripping tis an ideal choice since matcha green tea evens skin tone and improves elasticity, in addition to being a soothing ingredient in your daily face cleanser. 


    Knowing your skin type and understanding its concerns is the first and foremost step in establishing a beauty regime. Based on your skin type and what it needs, you can begin your research on which ingredients and products would work best. With an upheaval of chemicals in the cosmetics market, the safest way to tread is along the natural path. Ingredients like aloe vera, rosewater and witch hazel, sourced from forests, are gentle, safe and soothing to the skin. 


    A natural face cleanser can and should be used regularly to keep impurities, pollutants and dirt at bay, especially right after waking up and before going to bed. Our new Purifying Face Wash is a natural daily face cleanser suitable for all genders, all skin types, but especially great for those with oily skin and for those who require a deep cleansing experience.


    What is the best cleansing face wash?


    A face wash with green tea extracts, for instance, our purifying face wash is a good example of a cleansing face wash. It not only cleanses thoroughly, but the oatmeal in the formula clogs pores and moisturises the skin after usage.


    Choosing a natural daily face cleanser is essential because it helps break down makeup, erase dust and grime, and also acts as a base for all skin care products to be applied later. 

    Which face wash clears acne?


    A Purifying Face Wash, as the name suggests, not only cleanses the skin, but also acts as a purifying step before proceeding forward with your skincare routine. Matcha green tea, rose water, witch hazel etc are some of the most effective and powerful ingredients that help cleanse acne-prone skin. 


    Choosing a natural face cleanser one with synthetic ingredients is advised, since the regular use of harsh chemicals can be detrimental to your skin’s health. Arata’s Purifying Face Wash is an excellent daily face cleanser due to its mild formulation and plant-powered ingredients.

    Is face wash bad for your face?


    Although a gentle, purifying face wash is indeed beneficial for your skin, however, overusing any product can strip off essential oils produced by the body. Therefore, using a face wash in moderate quantities, knowing its ingredients and their uses, and choosing the right natural face cleanser is of utmost importance for healthy, glowing skin.

    Can face wash cause pimples?


    This solely depends on the formula of the face wash and how your skin is reacting to it. Although not a common occurrence with face washes with green tea, there might be unusual cisumstances were pimples might occur when using a new product or a harsh one. Sometimes, the skin needs time to adjust to new ingredients and it breaks out initially, but if tested over longer periods of time, it gets adjusted to it and even shows beneficial results. However, if the problem is persistent, one should immediately stop using the product, and consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.


    Having said that, skipping out totally on a face cleanser isn’t the best idea here. What needs to be done is, a little research and understanding your skin concerns before investing in any product available in the market. Every skin is different, and so should be the way its taken care of!