Anti-Dandruff and Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo Boosts Hair Growth And Fights Pollution

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An antioxidant-rich formula with the power of L-Arginine, our anti-dandruff shampoo contains a restorative blend of plant-based ingredients, which gently cleanse, nourish and boost hair growth. The formula reduces hair fall and damage caused by toxic chemicals and pollution, and is great for daily use. Suitable for all hair types, whether dry, damaged, normal, or colour-treated.

Tea Tree Oil Mint Body Lotion - Arata

Cleanse your hair with this 100% nature-derived formulation

Lemon fruit and European Blueberry extracts are rich in antioxidants that revitalize your hair.

The ingredients are plant-based, vegan, and toxin-free. Non-GMO. Our products are not tested on animals.
The formula contains no harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or colours.

Formulated for mild cleansing with soothing plant-based extracts

Packed with European Blueberry, Sugarcane, and Lemon fruit extracts

Each of these all-natural extracts are suitable for all hair types, and leave your hair stronger and shinier on a daily basis.

Formulated with Sugarcane and Coconut Oil extracts

Thorough cleansing action that removes everyday pollutants effectively.

No fear of hair loss or premature greying caused by chemical ingredients

Since all our ingredients are 100% nature-derived, our Shampoo contains no harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or colors, which usually cause chemical hair damage.

Key Ingredients

All-Natural Raspberry Fragrance & Maple Extract:

For a healthy, lasting shine.
Lemon Fruit Extract:

Rich with antioxidants that strengthen and revitalize.
Sugar Cane Extract:

For effective cleansing and removal of everyday pollutants.
European Blueberry Extract:

To nourish your scalp with natural goodness.

How To Use

Step 1:

Massage a small amount onto wet hair.

Step 2:

Work into a lather for a few minutes.

Who is it for?

   Our Shampoo is created for all genders and age groups. We are the first brand in the country to offer non-toxic, unisex products using 100% nature-derived ingredients.
   Suitable for all hair types – damaged, normal, colour-treated, frizzy – and great for daily use.

Why choose the Arata Shampoo?

It’s non-toxic! Formulated with plant-based, chemical-free ingredients that are vegan, cruelty-free, and synthetic-free.

No fear of hair loss, hair thinning, premature greying, or damage caused by chemical ingredients.

Highly safe and effective for daily use.

Offers gentle cleansing action.


Our Shampoo has not been created to specifically prevent hair fall, hair damage, and dandruff. However, as all our ingredients are 100% nature-derived and entirely plant-based, the formula does not contain the harsh and toxic chemicals, often found in existing hair products, that are responsible for hair fall, hair damage, and dandruff.

Yes, our Shampoo is complete SLS and paraben free! In fact, all the ingredients are plant-derived with absolutely no harsh sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or colours. Our Shampoo is also pH balanced!

Our Shampoo is formulated with plant-based preservatives that are 100% nature-derived. The ingredients used to give it a long shelf life are all-natural, plant-derived extracts.

Yes, our Shampoo is as safe as water for your hair, and can be used by children of all age groups! As there are zero harsh and toxic chemicals in the product, it is suitable for kids.

Additional Information

Net Volume: 200 ML
Manufactured by: Vistta Cosmetics
Best Before: 24 months from the date of manufacture

See What Consumers Say about us

I got a chance to use Arata hair gel, hair cream and face wash. I honestly had a great experience! The hair cream and hair gel are awesome styling tools and don't cause any kind of scalp flaking or irritation. The face wash gives benefits of a scrub to some extent and the minty fresh feeling stays with you for quite some time. All in all, keep up the good work! Would recommend! :)

- Paresh R.

Arata Zero Chemicals has brought us organic ingredients and safe products for regular skin care and hair care. Loving their different products, specially happy with the Hair Gel. My hair feels forever looking good.

- Shilpa T.

Love the hair cream and gel. Have always looked for an organic product to use on the hair.

- Shivam Bhagat

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