Shampoo + Conditioner

Rs. 1174

Arata Zero Chemicals™ Shampoo is a 100% Nature Derived hair-wash specifically engineered to clean and moisturize your precious hair, leaving it brilliantly shiny, without using a single chemical ingredient. We at Arata understand how important your Hair and Scalp is and designed our Nature-derived Arata Shampoo to ensure your hair never has to endure the continual assault of chemicals ever again!

Arata Zero Chemicals™ Hair Conditioner is a 100% Nature Derived Conditioner designed to nourish, hydrate and soften your hair by harnessing the power of Plant Science. This deeply nourishing conditioner will detangle, silken and condition your hair, and give it the shine it deserves with the nourishment of organic botanicals. Fortify and enhance your hair's natural shine while taming frizz and tackling knots. Your hair will love you!

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