Arata New Shower Power Set 75 ML

All-Natural, Vegan Goodness

As India’s first 100% nature-derived wellness brand, we create plant-based, vegan products with soothing, toxin-free ingredients that feel fantastic on your hair and skin.

Our products are thoughtfully created using only all-natural ingredients with no chemical additives, emulsifiers, dyes or preservatives. They are not tested on animals. They are stored in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging that is reusable.

Moreover, our products don’t discriminate. Skin is skin. Hair is hair.


All-Natural Cleansing Of Dirt & Pollutants

Effectively deep cleanses pollutants and dirt in the gentlest way possible, leaving your skin and hair squeaky clean and healthy. Great for those who live in polluted urban environments, and those who want a gentle cleansing experience.

Gently Conditions & Detangles

Sugarcane and castor oil extracts naturally condition each strand and give you naturally tangle-free hair.

Supple Skin & Shiny Hair

With a rich, clean-rinsing lather, our plant-based body wash leaves your skin soft, supple and renewed, while our cleansing shampoo restores the natural softness and shine of your hair.

For Men & Women

Suitable for all genders, age groups, and skin types!

Key Ingredients

Coconut Oil

Naturally fights dandruff and promotes scalp health. Moisturizes and regenerates your skin.

European Blueberry

Nourishes your scalp and strands with natural goodness.

Lemon, Orange

Rich in antioxidants that strengthen and revitalize your hair.

Organic Soapnut

Imparts shine, smoothness, and vitamins A, D, E, and K to your hair.


Effective cleansing and removal of everyday pollutants.

Castor Oil

For tangle-free hair that shines.

Citric Fruit & Flowers

To invigorate and revitalize your skin, leaving it fragrant and clean.

How To Use Our Damage Repair Duo

Step 1

Massage a small amount of our body wash onto your skin. Rinse.

Step 2

Work our shampoo into a rich lather on wet hair. Rinse.

Step 3

Apply our conditioner onto the ends of your hair after shampooing. Allow your hair to absorb the conditioner. Rinse out.

Why Choose Arata?

Our Story

In January 2016, Arata's co-founders, Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin, realized that virtually every personal care product on store shelves, barring a few oils, had chemicals in them. They envisioned an honest personal care company that would reduce the rampant toxicity in our daily routines. Today, Arata creates high-quality, plant-powered products with safe, all-natural ingredients, and absolutely no chemical additives, emulsifiers, dyes or preservatives.

Cruelty-Free & Toxin-Free

We are PETA-certified cruelty free and vegan, Australian Certified Toxic-Free® and Australian Certified Non-Toxic™. Our plant-based ingredients are of the highest quality and integrity, 100% nature-derived and toxin-free.


Our wellness range is vegan-friendly, formulated entirely from plants, essential oils, fruit extracts, and safe plant-based preservatives. We’re the first brand in India to offer vegan unisex products that soothe your hair, skin, and body.

Recycled & Recyclable Packaging

We’re non-toxic inside and out! Not only do we use non-toxic ingredients, but we also contribute to no plastic waste. Our formulas are packaged in upto 100% recycled plastic, and the labels are printed with safe, food-grade ink.