The Difference Between A Hair Gel & Hair Cream

  • Jul 15, 2020
  • Arata Hair Gel and Hair Cream Arata Hair Gel and Hair Cream

    With so many products on the market for hair care, from styling and molding creams to sculpting gels, there are so many ways to style your hair. You can give yourself a wet, crisp look or a frizz-free hold, depending on which product you choose. It can get a bit confusing, deciding whether you should go for a frizzy hair cream or a styling hair gel.

    So we’ve decided to break it down and simplify the process for you, when it comes to choosing a hair gel or a hair cream.

    But First, Why Go Natural?

    Most products (especially the really commercial ones) on the market can tip from being beneficial to being pretty potent for your scalp, what with all the unnecessary chemicals they contain. 

    At Arata, we know that the same ingredients that cause hair fall and hair whitening are being widely used in hair gels and hair creams across the globe. Chemical ingredients, often known to be carcinogens banned in North America and Europe, are still being used in products around us.

    That’s why we create trustworthy and credible hair care formulas, made of the highest quality ingredients. Every ingredient in our hair care products is safe and clean. No toxins, no harsh chemicals. We’ve tested every single extract to ensure that it is as safe as water when applied to your skin or hair.

    Natural hair creams and natural hair gels offer a range of benefits, most important being the fact that they cut the chemicals out of the process. 

    Hair Gel Vs Hair Cream

    Both styling products. If you’re wondering which is better, we’d say both are equally good, offering a different look and feel. Moreover, while both work excellently individually, they can be paired together for better results.

    What Is A Hair Cream?

    It can totally transform the way your hair looks on a day-to-day basis. It can add a great, matte shine and a healthy texture to your strands, and if you’re looking for more volume, it can do wonders to thin, flat hair. It tames unruly curls, frizzy strands, and does just about whatever you want it to do with your locks. Unlike a hair gel, it offers a host of sculpting benefits that just don’t happen when you use a regular styling gel

    What Is A Hair Gel?

    If you’ve got long, fine hair that unravels over the course of the day, or unruly curls that are difficult to tame even after applying a nourishing cream, try using a styling hair gel to keep your locks in check. Additionally, the best styling hair gel maintains your look for hours without damaging your strands.

    Is Hair Cream A Gel?

    Absolutely not. Natural hair creams have a soft, creamy texture, which is almost souffle-like. The cream is absorbed through your hair like a regular cream, and the consistency isn’t sticky. It is nothing like a hair gel, and in fact, the benefits of using it differ significantly from a styling gel.

    How Do You Use A Hair Cream?

    Work a small amount through dry hair and sculpt using wet fingers or a comb. For a slicker finish, apply generously to damp hair and style as required. Safe to use daily.

    If you want to be more methodical about it, section and comb your hair into four to six parts after working in the formula, and scrunch each section if you want more volume. If you’ve got a great head of curls, this technique is excellent to add body and gloss. If your hair is thin, fine, or straight, run your fingers through each section and detangle gently, loosening any knots and shed hairs.

    How Do You Use A Hair Gel?

    Apply your styling hair gel evenly through dry or damp hair and style with your fingers for light or stronghold. Safe to use daily.

    Do You Put Hair Gel In Wet Or Dry Hair?

    If you want a medium-hold look, apply it to wet hair. If you want a strong-hold look, apply your gel generously to dry hair. Always choose a hair gel that is plant-based or natural, to prevent any chemical damage and flaking in your scalp.

    What Is The Healthiest Hair Gel?

    We recommend Arata’s styling hair gel because of the immense benefits both provide to your hair and scalp in the long-run. The gel is totally plant-powered, and causes absolutely NO damage to your hair. The all-natural ingredients act as nurturing agents and replenish hair quality over your period of usage. It really is one of the best styling hair gels out there.

    Arata’s Natural Hair Cream


    Organic Flax Seed Extract

    Coconut Oil Extract

    Olive Oil (and) Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil

    Olive Oil Extract

    Who It’s For

    For those who want an all-natural soft hold and gentle nourishment. 

    How It Feels

    Non-greasy texture, soft hold, matte look, and high volume.

    Arata’s Styling Hair Gel


    Organic Flax Seed Extract

    Who It’s For

    For those who want all-natural, medium-to-strong-hold styling that lasts all day.

    How It Feels

    Wet, medium-to-strong hold with a naturally crisp texture.

    Which Is Better: Frizzy Hair Cream Or Styling Hair Gel?

    If you want a soft-hold matte look, opt for a natural frizzy hair cream, which nourishes and moisturizes, too.

    If you want a medium-to-strong hold, wet look with a natural shine, choose a styling hair gel, preferably the best styling hair gel available without any toxic, chemical ingredients. 

    It’s as simple as that. Moreover, both are completely water-soluble and rinse out really easily.

    For best results, apply our natural hair cream as a pre-styler and our hair gel for final styling touches. 

    How To Apply Both A Natural Hair Cream & Hair Gel

    Work a coin-sized amount of your natural hair cream through damp hair and spread it evenly with the help of your fingers or a comb. The cream acts as a base to the gel, and is often used as a leave-in conditioner by many of our customers due to its nurturing properties. 

    Follow up by applying your hair gel evenly through your hair for final styling touches. 

    Is It Bad To Use Hair Gel Everyday?

    This totally depends on what sort of formula you’re using. If the hair gel you’re applying is full of toxic chemicals, SLS, parabens, and a host of terrible ingredients, it will be bad for your hair if you’re using the hair gel everyday.

    Choose a hair gel that is formulated with all-natural ingredients. Formulas that are plant-derived are the best, keeping your scalp and hair healthy and happy. Arata’s styling gel works wonders for your hair and is super safe to apply every single day. 

    How Can I Style My Hair Without Gel?

    If you’re looking to use something in place of a hair gel, simply apply a natural hair cream and leave your styling routine at that. We don’t recommend applying a chemical-laden hair gel on your scalp because of the harmful impact it can have on your hair. Arata offers one of the best styling hair gels when it comes to styling your hair naturally.


    Whether you want to tame frizzy hair or a formula to nourish your strands, or simply a good styling routine that lasts upto 12 hours (yes, 12 long hours!), we recommend the Arata styling gel and cream


    Arata is India’s first personal care brand that makes a 100% nature-derived, plant-based hair styling formulas for a salon-like look every single day. Our products are vegan, non-toxic, and free of harsh chemicals. For more information, visit