The Ultimate Handbook To Define Your Curls And Banish Frizz

  • Feb 02, 2024
  • The Ultimate Handbook To Define Your Curls And Banish Frizz The Ultimate Handbook To Define Your Curls And Banish Frizz

    Frizz has always been a curly girl’s worst nightmare! Whether it occurs due to humidity, not letting your style set, hair damage, or the natural tendency of your curl pattern. You might have spent hours googling for the best tips and tricks to eliminate the frizz, but finding just the right frizz-friendly curly hair products can be quite a task! 

     But hey, that’s what we’re here for! Sure, your curls may seem to have a mind of their own, but the secret to being friends with it is as simple as a slight tweak to your haircare routine. 

    Before diving into the world of curly hair gels and curl-defining creams, we should point out the main frizz culprits here; dehydrated locks, damaged hair and friction – the trifecta that might have you believe you’re doomed to a life of frizz. Good thing we went ahead and curated the ultimate handbook to define your curls and banish frizz right here! 


    How to Control the Frizz? 

     Spending hours arranging your hair only to have it frizz up with a blast of wind and some humidity is one of life's greatest frustrations.

    Keeping your hair healthy and hydrated is one of the secrets to gorgeous, defined curls. If you have damaged hair that feels rough and looks dull, then styling products won’t make your hair look flawless. In this case, it’s best to use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner for curly hair to cleanse your curls and retain their moisture.

     Curls are drier by nature and hence more prone to frizz. The more moisturised and hydrated your hair is, the better your curls will look after styling. Here’s a styling routine to ensure your hair is frizz-free and your curls pop!

    Use a Curly Hair Cream: You can start your curl styling routine on freshly washed, wet or damp hair. This step is super important; you must brush your hair only when your hair is damp and when you have curly hair cream on. Dry brushing your curls is considered a curly sin, and we stand by it! 

     Start by sectioning wet or damp hair and then work a generous amount of the Arata curl cream for curly hair evenly into your curls. Then style and sculpt your curls using your fingers or a styling brush for enhanced bounce and definition.

     The curl-defining cream is the best way to ensure your hair doesn’t look frizzy and dry since it intensely moisturises and softens curls to reduce frizz. This plant-based sculpting product is formulated to define your natural curl pattern and gives your hair an intense dose of moisture. 

     It enhances the effectiveness of scrunching, smoothens flyaways, and combats frizz to keep your curls velvety soft. So even after hours, your hair will look bouncy and defined! However, putting only the curl cream for curly hair won’t be the best idea since it locks in moisture but doesn’t give a stronghold. 

    Get a Curly Hair Gel: Curlies often use a strong gel to ensure their curls hold their shape for long hours and days without requiring daily styling. And don’t worry; we have the Arata Advanced Curl Care Hair Gel for curly hair for this purpose!

     This CG-friendly product provides curl definition and holds while keeping your curls moisturised, making it the perfect partner for all-season curl definition! This unique vegan recipe seals moisture and smoothens each curl's cuticle with all-natural Abyssinian seed oil, argan oil, soy protein, and aloe vera. 

     Correctly styling curls with the right curly hair gel will make them defined, bouncy, and juicy! 

     This hair gel for curly hair was created keeping in mind the need to replace styling products containing synthetic parabens that are harmful. This plant-powered hair gel will give you sculpted, glorious curls with a healthy shine! Simply work in a generous amount in your hands and put on your hair, focusing on the lengths of your curls. 


    Scrunch and Style: Don’t forget to SCRUNCH to get the most out of these curly hair products. You can also experiment with various curl styling methods using the curly defining cream and curly hair gel. Finger rolling and coiling are popular methods to make your curls form beautiful ringlets that last! 

    You can twist small sections at a time and pin them close to your scalp, braid pieces here and there, or scrunch your whole head to encourage the curl. There is no right or wrong method here; there are your curls, and the needs of every curly are unique!

     You can define your curls in a jiffy when looking for quick styling! Simply apply the curly hair cream and curly hair gel while your hair is still wet, comb it for even product distribution, and leave it to air dry! You’re done!

     You can also use a diffuser on your curls to dry your hair quickly without disturbing your curls or affecting their shape! You must only use a blowdryer with an applicator for curls since direct heat can cause frizz and damage. Use a diffuser attachment to spread the heat flow evenly, so your curls and coils hold their shape! 

    You’ll get the most volume by blow-drying your hair upside down and placing small sections at a time on top of the diffusing attachment.

    One routine doesn’t work for all of us, and finding the perfect styling process is a trial-and-error method we must go through! Nevertheless, these tips might come in handy when you style your curls this season.

    We hope it helped!