3 quick ways to get rid of dry scalp & dandruff

  • Oct 26, 2020
  • 3 quick ways to get rid of dry scalp & dandruff - Arata 3 quick ways to get rid of dry scalp & dandruff - Arata

    Dandruff is a common condition that causes flaky skin on your scalp. This skin often falls off, leaving white flakes on your shoulders. In most cases, dandruff doesn’t directly cause hair loss. However, the itchiness it causes can lead to scratching. This can injure your hair follicles, leading to some hair loss.

    The best way to go forward with treating a dry scalp and dandruff is to choose the best mild shampoo for dandruff and hair-fall because your scalp's skin is already flaky and using an anti-dandruff conditioner followed by it.

    How do you treat dry scalp and dandruff?

    First, we need to realize that Dandruff and hairfall are not independent of each other, they are co-related and one issue has a direct impact on the other. It is highly recommended that you use a the best mild shampoo for dandruff and hair-fall that minimizes dandruff and hair fall and also nourishes your scalp like the Arata Scalp Therapy Combo for normal to dry scalp, and the Arata Hair Care Set for normal to oily scalp.

    It is important to note here, the best anti dandruff shampoo is a Cleansing or Clarifying Shampoo that can cleanse product buildup, oil and dirt from the scalp well. And remember, a dry scalp and your hair loss may have other underlying causes, in which case, the right shampoo for dry scalp along with the right conditioner for dry scalp plays a huge part in your hair loss treatment. However if you feel that even after using the best mild shampoo for dandruff and hair fall and dry scalp isn't giving you noticeable results, it’d be wise to consult a dermatologist.

    Does dry scalp cause dandruff?

    Yes, it does and one of the main reasons behind a dry scalp is how frequently you shampoo. Over washing is one of the major causes of this condition, since a harsh shampoo can easily trip off your natural oils, and under washing can lead those oils to build up, causing dandruff and a flaky scalp. Listen to what your hair needs, use natural products that rejuvenate your scalp. Make sure that a shampoo for dry scalp or a conditioner for dry scalp cannot be too harsh on the scalp because that shall cause more harm than being of any benefit. Hence choose the best mild shampoo for dandruff and hair fall.

    Why is my scalp full of dandruff?

    One reason behind a scalp full of dandruff is your scalp being stripped off natural oils, being dry, the second reason sweat and dust being accumulated in your scalp and hair. The reason behind the first one would be you using excessive use of shampoo, and not oiling your hair from time to time. However the reason behind the second instance would be not washing your hair with shampoo from time to time and taking care of it overall.

    Our suggestion would be first research and know well what your scalp needs and second use the best anti dandruff shampoo for dry hair and a conditioner for dry scalp specifically.

    How do I moisturise my dry scalp?

    To moisturise your scalp you must massage it using oil regularly, and follow it up with a mild shampoo for dry scalp and a mild conditioner for dry scalp too. If you're someone with a dry scalp, it is highly likely that you have dandruff and might be experiencing hair fall. The combination of a Hydrating Shampoo for dry hair and a mild anti-dandruff conditioner will be optimum for your hair and scalp.

    Arata's hair care set has one of the best mild shampoo for dandruff and hair fall  and we're positive about optimistic results, but if the issue persists, we strongly advise that you visit a dermatologist.