3 Steps For Gorgeous Hair In The Monsoons

  • Jul 06, 2020
  • 3 Steps For Gorgeous Hair In The Monsoons - Arata 3 Steps For Gorgeous Hair In The Monsoons - Arata

    It’s monsoon season again! After the scorching summer heat, the rains are finally here to wash away our woes. This time, we’re experiencing a slightly different monsoon, thanks to the pandemic outbreak that has practically changed all our lives. This year has been a rollercoaster of events, and it’s important that we all stay home, keep safe, and practise social distancing norms for the benefit of our loved ones and ourselves.

    Of course, different seasons bring varying humidity and temperature levels, and we see this all year round in India. We’re used to the ups and downs when it comes to summer and winter, and well, the monsoon season can be a respite between the extremes.

    Common Monsoon Hair Woes

    The Indian monsoon brings to mind steaming cups of tea and undulating afternoons with loved ones as the rain showers down outdoors. At the same time, it also brings with it a ton of humidity, which leads to various issues, not barring the following common problems:

  • Oily scalps.
  • Frizzy hair.
  • Dull, damaged strands. 
  • Unmanageable curls and unruly waves.
  • Perennial dandruff and hair fall. 

  • What Kind Of Hair Care Formula Works Best?

    As you can imagine, an array of brands offer products with various exotic ingredients that deal with specific hair problems. It’s easy to get lost when exploring these products, since they contain a lot of ingredients we don’t completely understand. There are advantages and disadvantages, and well, we believe in keeping the process really easy. 

    To simplify this process, we recommend looking for ingredients that are clean

    Transparency should be a no-brainer for every brand. If you’re buying a product off a shelf, it’s important to find out whether the brand you’re looking at can give you answers about the ingredients formulated into its products. It’s the clean, safe way of going about such things.

    Clean-label brands offer formulas that are created with safe, non-toxic ingredients. The ingredients can be plant-based, vegan, organic, or whatever the brand fancies. However, the important part of this process is to ensure we choose formulas that are created using safe ingredients in a safe manner by an honest, accountable brand.

    3 Easy Steps For Incredible Hair

     Step 1: Massage Your Scalp 

    Give your scalp a quick oil massage every few days, focusing on specific spots for a few minutes. This boosts circulation, keeps your scalp moisturized, and soothes any itchiness and dryness. It also keeps dandruff and hair fall, caused by chemical pollutants and humidity, at bay. Also, it makes your hair super soft!

    TIP: Try our cold-pressed Hempocado oil, a vegan recipe of hempseed and avocado oil that soothes dry, damaged hair and stimulates hair growth, perfect for this sticky weather. You’ll find the frizz disappearing in no time.

    Step 2: Cleanse & Condition With Sulfate-Free Formulas

    Switch to a shampoo and conditioner that contain no toxic sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic cleansers or colours. Use a gentle shampoo, preferably one formulated with natural ingredients and extracts, and no toxic chemicals. Always remember to condition your strands after, again preferably with a toxin-free shampoo. Chemical conditioners often sap the life out of your strands, weighing your hair down and making your scalp oily. Choose a conditioner that detangles gently while preserving the natural radiance and bounce of your hair.

    TIP: Try our Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner, which works amazingly for those with oily scalps, those who live in polluted, muggy, and humid urban environments, and those who want gentle nourishment and softness. Suitable for all genders, all ages, and all hair types – dry, damaged, normal, colour-treated.

    Step 3: Tame The Frizz Naturally

    Treat your hair with love in this humid weather. With high humidity comes that never-disappearing frizz and dryness, and no matter what sort of conditioner you use, the frizz never seems to vanish. Opt for a nourishing hair cream or a styling hair gel to make the frizz manageable, and we recommend you choose a formula that is plant-based or created with natural extracts (because chemical hair gels and hair creams cause more harm than good).

    TIP: For an all-natural look, run a coin-sized amount of our organic flaxseed hair cream evenly through your hair. Sculpt as desired for a medium-hold all day, keeping the frizz and damage at bay. Not only does our hair cream make your hair more manageable, but the extra nourishment keeps your strands smooth and moisturized.


    We believe that there are formulas that can prevent the rains from getting the best of your hair. It’s important to ensure that these formulas are not packed with harmful chemicals, SLS, parabens, and synthetic fragrances, because each of these chemical ingredients poses long-term issues. 

    As the monsoons prevail, let your hair thrive in the best possible way. Choose formulas that are natural, gentle, and soothing for your scalp. Ultimately, you want to get through the stickiness and frizz of this season with better hair than before, and with a scalp that isn’t itchy and uncomfortable. Give yourself some joy and self-care with Arata. 

    Visit www.arata.in to explore our range of plant-based, vegan formulas that inspire slow living.