3 Unknown Tips and Benefits Of Body Washes

  • Aug 10, 2020
  • 3 Benefits of Arata Body Washes 3 Benefits of Arata Body Washes

    There are so many reasons why a body wash is way better than the average bar of soap. Although body cleansers aren’t as old as soaps, they’re often more effective and can yield better skincare results than your regular bar of soap. 

    Today, we’re exploring the benefits of body washes, and offering you a few tips and tricks around using your body cleanser well. 

    Does Body Wash Actually Clean You?

    Yes! This is a question we come across a lot. People are often confused about whether a body wash works as effectively as soap, because of the difference in consistency and hardiness, as well as the lack of visible benefits. 

    Organic body washes and shower gels are way better than soaps. If you’re a germophobe, even more so! Bars of soaps carry germs (often because several people use the same bar, or because the soap lies out in the open), making them extremely unhygienic and preferably avoidable. 

    Moreover, a body wash for dry skin cleans you as effectively as any regular bar of soap, and keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated. 

    Should You Use Body Wash Every Day?

    Yes, absolutely. If you’ve got dry skin, organic body washes are especially good for you. Soaps tend to suck the moisture out of your skin, while a shower gel can nourish and prevent the dryness from getting worse. 

    However, find a formula that suits your skin type. Also, use a reasonable quantity of the body cleanser or shower gel you prefer, and like anything in life, don’t overdo it. If you’ve got allergies that stem from synthetic fragrances, find an organic body wash that contains natural or botanical fragrances, or no fragrance at all.

    Do You Really Need A Shower Gel?

    You do need to clean your body with something beneficial (besides water). A formula that will kick out all the dirt and pollutants accumulated throughout the day. Organic body washes are absolutely great in this regard. Moreover, a body wash for dry skin can be effect agents against dirt and pollutants, while keeping your skin free of toxic chemicals, synthetic fragrances, harsh preservatives, etc., with absolutely no side effects. 

    How Do You Use A Body Wash Effectively?

    We’ve got two simple tips when using a body cleanser. 

    First, start using a loofah or a scrub with your shower gel. Find a loofah that isn’t harsh on your skin. Then, pump some body cleanser onto the loofah and lather up the formula on your body. A loofah works really well in removing dirt and grime, and helps you waste less body wash in the shower. Also, don’t rub the loofah too hard on your skin! Gentle cleansing with minimum lather works best for exfoliation and deep cleansing. 

    Second, if a loofah feels too rough on your skin, you can always switch to a soft cotton washcloth. Apart from being gentle on your skin, washcloths are cleaner – you can run them in the washing machine and use a fresh one every day. 

    What Are Some Distinctive Benefits Of Body Washes?

    Here are three unknown benefits of using body washes for dry skin

    • Their Fragrances Can Be Therapeutic

    There’s a reason why aromatherapy is such a stress buster. Calming fragrances have been utilized across time to soothe body aches and pains, relieve stress, and calm the mind. When your body cleanser has a great fragrance, it changes the way you experience your daily shower. Natural, plant-based fragrances are incredible in this regard. They can be fragrances derived from lavender, nargis, mogra, and other botanical plants.

    • They Work Better With The Right Water Temperature

    Take your daily shower with slightly warm to cold water. If the water is too hot, your skin gets dry faster, and the benefits of the shower gel you’re using are nullified. Warm water opens your pores and allows your shower gel to exfoliate your skin gently. When rinsing the formula off, the water should be cold, because cold water seals your pores and locks the moisturize in. 

    • Natural Shower Gels Are Wonderfully Potent

    Natural shower gels combine essential oils, herbs, and plants to give your body unparalleled benefits. They’re better for people who sweat a lot, too, because natural formulas work with your body oils to help you with all sorts of skin-related issues, allergies, and inflammation. They’re also super mild as exfoliants, and get rid of those dead cells in the gentlest way possible (unlike harsh, toxic chemical exfoliants). Some of the best natural body washes for dry skin are formulated with plant-powered extracts.

    The Arata Cleansing Body Wash is manufactured with licensed methods of quality and effectiveness, using only all-natural ingredients. It works wonders on dry skin, and naturally replenishes the moisture in your skin. Moreover, it has a super light, refreshing fragrance, and it is non-drying.