5 reasons to use conditioner after every wash

  • Oct 26, 2020
  • 5 reasons to use conditioner in your after every wash - Arata 5 reasons to use conditioner in your after every wash - Arata

    A hair conditioner is for everyone, irrespective of gender or age. A lot of people use it in meagre quantities, or worse, skip it altogether. Remember it this way, if you’re using shampoo, definitely use a hair conditioner immediately after. While shampoo removes the dirt and sebum from the scalp, hair conditioner is used to keep your strands nourished. If you're someone with dry hair, a hair conditioner for dry hair needs to be used right after washing your hair with shampoo as it helps in restoring the moisture lost due to shampooing. It also smoothens the hair cuticles and evens out its pH, helps in detangling, boosts radiance, and makes hair more manageable.

    A hair conditioner benefits are many, especially if you put in some amount of research and get the best hair conditioner for yourself. Irrespective of whether you're purchasing a conditioner for men, look for ingredients that would help to detangle and nourish your tresses without any side effects. 

    What is a hair conditioner used for?

    Hair conditioner uses are many- from nourishing your hair, to giving it a shine, to moisturizing it, hair conditioner benefits are extensive and applicable for everyone. Especially if you have dry hair, a hair conditioner for dry hair is a boon for your strands. Also to reiterate, the best hair conditioner is the one that suits your hair and not the one that is popular by market standards.

    If you're a man and skip the process of using a hair conditioner altogether because you have short hair, you're highly mistaken. Your hair still needs conditioning from a hair conditioner for men but remember to apply it to the ends of the hair only, avoiding the roots and scalp.

    Which is the best hair conditioner?

    The best hair conditioner is the one that suits your hair, and your scalp. For dry or damaged hair, just conditioning isn’t enough, you need to match the shampoo to your hair too! If you have a dry scalp, you need to use a Hydrating Shampoo with that a hair conditioner for dry hair specifically. However but if you have an oily scalp with dry hair, choose the combination of a hair cleansing shampoo and a mild conditioner. Also a natural hair conditioner is always better than a chemical one, as the silicones and sulphates in the latter one can give massive product buildup on your scalp.

    Is hair conditioner good for hair?

    Definitely! A hair conditioner is not only good for your hair, its benefits are essential to obtain smooth and shiny hair. The hair conditioner benefits are plenty and ranges for everyone irrespective of the length and type of your hair and also your gender. Remember, hair conditioner for men works equally well as it works for women. 

    Can conditioner ruin your hair?

    A natural hair conditioner will not ruin your hair, but one with harmful chemical additives will. If the conditioner you use contains SLS or parabens, synthetic color or fragrance,  the product build-up can cause irritation or acne on the scalp and forehead.

    Another side effect is, if you use too much of it, it has the potential to weigh your hair down, especially if you have fine, straight hair. Always remember to keep the conditioner away from the scalp, and only apply it along the strands and ends, to prevent excess hair loss.