A 2-Step Routine For Naturally Softer Lips

  • May 09, 2019
  • A 2-Step Routine For Naturally Softer Lips - Arata A 2-Step Routine For Naturally Softer Lips - Arata

    We all know how it feels to have cracked, chapped, flaky, or dry lips! Not only can the cracks be totally impossible to ignore, but they can also come in the way of your everyday routine - whether it’s when you’re applying make-up (don’t you hate it when lipstick cracks up because of dry lips?), or when you’re eating, or even when you’re having a conversation with a friend and your lips begin to make you feel uncomfortable.

    We’ve got a 2-step routine that makes use of simple yet effective natural remedies to heal those chapped lips and bids goodbye to cracked corners! The best part about this routine is that it takes absolutely no time out of your day, and makes for a really great investment into the health and shine of your lips.

    Step 1: It’s All About Exfoliation!

    Whether you opt for a natural scrub or a product that’s store-bought, we recommend a bit of gentle exfoliation when your lips get dry. Scrubbing the dead skin off your lips does wonders to the overall plumpness and fullness of your lips. There are so many ways to scrub your lips at home, too. You could opt for brushing your lips with a light toothbrush every morning - it gives your lips a lovely shine! Or you could make a natural scrub with honey and sugar in your kitchen. A teaspoon of honey hydrates your lips, while half a teaspoon of sugar does an excellent job of exfoliating them mildly.

    Step 2: Moisturization, Moisturization!

    Once you’ve scrubbed away the dead cells, your lips are ready to be moisturized and soothed! We recommend a natural, intensely nourishing lip salve of healing oils. Whether it’s almond, coconut, or jojoba oil (or even a combination of all three), apply the blend to your lips and leave on overnight for best results. You’ll wake up with intensely nourished and healed lips. If you’re not into applying oils, you could look at dabbing some cocoa butter or beeswax, both of which nourish while offering a delicious fragrance to your lips. We’ve got a deeply moisturizing lip salve at Arata, that contains nutritive, plant-based oils and cocoa butter to soften chapped lips. You can view it here.

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