Embrace The Pause (From The Comfort Of Your Home)

  • May 06, 2020
  • Embrace The Pause - Arata.in Embrace The Pause - Arata.in

    As these unusual times play out, we’ve all become spectators to our old lives. It’s no surprise that we’ve got a boundless amount of time, now that there are no travel obligations, office meetings, professional conferences, social urgencies (and emergencies). If we’ve been particularly lucky, we have a roof over our heads and enough food supplies to get us through these difficult weeks. 

    There’s a lot of talk on social media about how best to use this time. It’s the best time to write that novel, complete that pending project, start that website you’ve always dreamed of, yada yada. It’s almost as though the pressure of our professional lives has been replaced by that of our personal dreams.

    At Arata, we’re all about slowing down this season. We’ve been gifted with an immense ‘pause’, so to speak, and we believe it’s time to embrace the pause.

    How Are You Winding Down?

    We prefer to ask the question: how are you using this time to wind down? Rather than amp up your tasks and zoom through to-do lists - or even those nagging personal deadlines we set ourselves, like reading a book a week, exercising daily, meditating at dawn and dusk - we’re looking at slowing our lives down.

    It’s the first time most of us have had endless hours at our disposal. So what better way to appreciate things than by embracing our newfound circumstances? 

    Nature seems to be doing the same these days. Each day, we witness a slowing down of life, with more space for our natural ecosystems to flourish. The birds fly untethered in sunlit skies, and time has become disentangled, free. 

    3 Simple Ways To Embrace The Pause

    3 simple ways to embrace the pause - Arata
    As the hours crawl, meander, and rush by, let’s take a moment to reflect on the time we’ve been given. Let’s enjoy this slowing down, even if it means taking a break from the hustle-and-bustle that normally gives us peace (or more honestly, distracts us from our anxieties). 

    If you’re finding it difficult to embrace the slow life, here are three simple ways of enjoying the pause from the comfort of your pajamas.

  • Listen to a podcast.
  • Everyone’s talking about COVID, or quarantine, or living in isolation. Instead of reading and listening to more about it, tune into a good podcast. It could be anything under the sun - storytelling, mythology, science, spirituality, or sports. Listening is truly an art, and if you’re able to listen (whether to a friend or to a podcast), it means you’re developing patience and an understanding for life. It also takes your worries away and helps you focus on something else for a while.

  • Explore some new music, always the best medicine.
  • It’s true, music transports you to another world. It alters the way your neurons function, alleviates emotional burdens, and gives your soul some joyous escape. We’re all about slowing things down right now, and well, we believe that music is one of the best cure-alls. If you’re used to busy days with not enough time to listen to your favourite tracks, now is the time to do so. Embrace the pause by tuning into some routine numbers, whether it’s lounge music, pop, trance, or whatever floats your boat really. 

  • Revisit your self-care routine.
  • We believe slow living is a way of life. We find pause as the hours rush by, meandering in ways we’re unaccustomed to, and we’re rediscovering endless intervals of silence. Let’s return to the bare minimum during these unusual times with simple self-care rituals that nourish our bodies. 

    At Arata, we’re all about plant-based personal care rituals that inspire slow living. Why? Because nature is a tried-and-tested healer. Since we’ve been gifted with endless time, let’s enjoy the hours by nurturing ourselves with pure and potent all-natural formulas. We’re all about that natural goodness, so let go of toxic habits, products, purchases, and vibes. Harness only the good stuff for a healthy, happy life. 


    It’s easier said than done, but it’s time to find pause as the hours rush by. If we stop, reflect, and allow ourselves to be immersed in the present moment, we’ll find that there’s a whole lot of joy in every passing hour. It’s time to let go of old patterns, especially the toxic ones, and rediscover the joy of nurturing ourselves.

    Let’s embrace the pause. Let’s revisit the gestures of self-care. 


    Arata’s plant-powered, vegan range is thoughtfully created using nature-derived ingredients. No chemical additives, emulsifiers, dyes or preservatives. Visit our website (www.arata.in) for more.