Home Remedies For That Natural Glow

  • Apr 25, 2019
  • Home Remedies For That Natural Glow - Arata Home Remedies For That Natural Glow - Arata
    With the onset of a balmy summer, we’re sharing our favourite beauty rituals that celebrate ingredients you can find at home.
    Yoghurt, Turmeric Powder, Gram Flour
    1 tablespoon fresh yoghurt
    + 1 tablespoon gram flour (preferably organic)
    + half a teaspoon turmeric
    Stir into a thick paste and apply on skin for 15-20 minutes. A tried-and-tested formula that heals inflammation and promotes a healthy glow.
    Organic Honey, Lemon
    1 tablespoon organic honey
    + 1/2 fresh lemon (large)
    Gently apply to skin and leave for 15-20 minutes. An effective moisturizing and soothing mask, this combination leaves your skin soft and radiant.
    Fresh Papaya, Rose Water
    2 tablespoons fresh papaya
    + cooling rose water
    Mash, apply, and leave on until dry. A refreshing combination that brightens skin, unclogs pores, and naturally evens out your skin tone.
    As a post-ritual, cleanse your skin with our plant-based face wash that nourishes with peppermint leaf, lemon oil, organic flax seeds, apricot seeds, and honeysuckle extract.
    You can view our refreshing face wash here: