How to find the Best Hair Cleanser that Works for Dry Scalp

  • Oct 14, 2020
  • How to find the best hair cleanser that works for Dry Scalp How to find the best hair cleanser that works for Dry Scalp

    Having a dry scalp is a common issue faced by many people. It can be quite bothersome, and can cause the scalp and hair to be itchy or flaky.  But with the right kind of hair cleanser for dry scalp, maintaining the moisture in your hair is very manageable and easy to follow.

    What is a hair cleanser?

    The best hair cleanser in the market out there will be much gentler than a regular shampoo. The formula is milder, preferably without harsh detergents, that cleanses the scalp well, while also quenching its thirst. Most shampoos consist of sulphates, but a natural hair cleanser does not! Its formula is usually a mix of oil and water, which prevents the stripping of natural oils produced by your body, and leaves your hair healthy and hydrated.

    A hair cleanser is a sensible alternative to a chemical shampoo for dry scalp, especially for those with frizzy, fragile hair. They're also safe to use for people with curly or wavy hair, ones who have recently dyed their hair, or if you feel your hair looks dry or damaged. 

    What is a natural hair cleanser?

    An authentic natural hair cleanser for dry scalp is one without chemical surfactants like SLS and SLES, silicones and parabens. These toxins, combined with alcohol and artificial fragrances can remove the much needed moisture from your scalp and leave it dry and parched. In your search for the best hair cleanser, experts recommend looking for products that do not contain these, and are instead enriched with natural ingredients with moisturizing properties like ginkgo, Indian gooseberry, ginger. The Arata Hydrating Shampoo, formulated with this unique botanical combination of herbs not only keeps your hair hydrated, but also has a cooling effect on your scalp and is rich in antioxidants, thus boosting your hair growth process.

    Is cleanser and shampoo the same?

    The primary purpose of a shampoo for dry scalp and a hair cleanser for dry scalp is the same- to get rid of dirt and impurities accumulated on the scalp. Having said that, the texture and feel of both these hair care products are very different, because of their varying formulas. Shampoo has more of a strong, chemical formula while a natural hair cleanser has a mild, sulfate-free formula, plant-based that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils. A hair cleanser for dry scalp is particularly beneficial for people with dry, damaged, color-treated or curly hair, while a shampoo may be too harsh on these hair types.

    Can we use a hair cleanser daily?

    A natural hair cleanser for dry scalp does a fair and gentle job of cleansing the scalp, but they might feel a little weird when you have just begun to use them. Since they’re not as strong in formulation, you might feel a difference in your scalp post-washing, so it is a good idea to use the best hair cleanser and your old shampoo alternatively, until you get used to it.

    Studies have shown that unless you sweat profusely, or live in extremely polluted environments, it is not necessary to wash your hair every day. But if you do feel the need to, using a hair cleanser is a better option than a chemical shampoo any day.

    Does a cleanser treat dry scalp?

    One of the reasons behind a dry scalp is how frequently you shampoo. Over washing is one of the major causes of this condition, since a harsh shampoo can easily trip off your natural oils, and under washing can lead those oils to build up, causing dandruff and a flaky scalp. Listen to what your hair needs, and switch to a sulphate-free natural hair cleanser immediately, as it will help to maintain PH balance, and cleanse out the sebum gently.

    Although an all-natural hydrating shampoo isn’t a one-step solution for your dry scalp, it surely is a wise and healthy choice towards clean and sustainable living, and boosting the natural shine and texture of your hair.