How to style your hair with styling hair gel

  • Sep 07, 2020
  • How to style your hair with styling Arata hair gel How to style your hair with styling Arata hair gel

    While the main function of a styling hair gel is to hold and set the hair, irrespective of whether it is straight or curly, a hair styling cream is more moisturizing from within, and allows curls to get more defined, and hence, believed to be a bit better tailored for curly hair. 

    Let us see which works better on curly hair...

    Is gel or cream better for curly hair?

    When looking to buy the perfect hair gel for curly hair, choose one with organic, plant-based ingredients, that provides a medium to strong hold, but doesn’t weigh your hair down. 

    A hair cream is more similar to a mild hair conditioner in terms of texture, but good hair creams double up as a styling product, in addition to nourishing your hair as well! While a hair styling cream doesn't provide as much of a strong hold as a styling hair gel, it is still recommended that you apply a hair cream to wet hair for maximum curl definition, distribute it evenly on all strands, scrunching out the extra water. 

    We recommend using our Hair Styling Cream as a pre-styler, and our Styling Hair Gel for final styling touches. While the hair cream, packed with nature-derived olive and flax seed extracts, infuses your hair with moisture, our Hair Gel for curly hair can be used to style hair, yielding a medium-to-strong hold and a natural shine.

    What is the best hair gel for curly hair?

    The best part about our styling hair gel is that you do not need excessive quantities of product on your hair, a little goes a long way in defining those curls, and making them stay intact upto 12 hours! Our Hair Gel helps settle frizziness, while also providing nourishment, since it’s packed with the goodness of organic flaxseed and olive extracts, and is indeed one of the best hair gels for curly hair.

    What can I use instead of gel for curly hair?

    One option is to opt for other holding products, for example, nourishing your hair with a mild hair conditioner and following up with a hair styling cream. 

    You can also try putting your hair in twists or braids until it is completely dry. You can use a hair cream or a leave-in conditioner, and keep your hair that way for a few hours. The longer you can wait, the more definition in your curls!

    Another effective method is finger coiling- while putting a mild hair conditioner or hair cream, take a section of your hair and twirl it around your finger from the root to the ends. Repeat this on the parts of your hair where you want your curls to be more defined. 

    Hair styling cream, although not as strong as a styling hair gel, is a pretty good styling product for curly hair. It prevents hair from frizzing, adds a slight shine and also protects hair from mild heat damage. Especially those with wavy hair and thin hair density can easily work with a hair cream, mousse or serum.

    Is hair gel good for curly hair?

    Even though using a hair gel for curly hair is great, like every other product, it has a few demerits too. A styling hair gel is heavier than a hair cream, and can weigh down your hair if you’re not careful about the amount applied and the application technique. Remember to apply it evenly on dry or damp hair and style with your fingers for a medium or strong hold. 

    Make sure you always read the ingredients on the packaging of these styling products, because they have a huge contribution to how the product performs and also your hair health. Ingredients like flax seed meld more easily with hair, resulting in a smooth, non-flaky finish. On the other hand, hair gels that consist of synthetic polymers or thickeners build up faster on the hair. 

    For instance, our natural styling hair gel is completely water soluble and rinses out easily, while nourishing, preventing dryness and accentuating your natural curls!