How to treat dry hair with hydrating shampoo

  • Oct 26, 2020
  • How to treat dry hair with hydrating shampoo - Arata How to treat dry hair with hydrating shampoo - Arata

    If you’re someone who loves to frequently change their hair color, or uses a lot of heat  to style your hair, you must have noticed that these things come with a side effect- dry, damaged and frizzy hair. You would see your hair would look and feel weak and can also be very prone to breakage. Although there's nothing that will bring about a change in a single day, it goes without saying that implementing a good natural hair care product, like a Hydrating Shampoo for dry hair, to your routine can yield wonderful benefits in the long run. 

    Is hydrating shampoo good for dry hair?

    Hydrating shampoo for dry hair is not just good, but it works like a medicine for it, and can work like magic if incorporated in your regular hair care routine. These shampoos use humectants, ingredients which help to draw water from the air into the hair to increase the overall level of moisture in your hair, turn frizzy hair into silky smooth hair.

    If you have a dry scalp, and are looking for shampoo for dry hair, investing in the best shampoo for dry hair that compliments your hair needs should be your priority. We suggest the toxin-free Arata Hydrating Shampoo, which works amazingly well for those with a normal to dry scalp, and especially for the ones who are looking to boost their volume, and pamper their dehydrated scalp with some much needed nourishment.

    How can I hydrate my dry hair at home?

    Hydrating your dry hair isn't rocket science, but what it needs is a set routine which includes using oil to massage the scalp regularly, cleansing your hair properly, and using hydrating shampoo for your hair.

    A lot of times dryness also occurs due to the external environment and climate conditions of where you reside. If you're looking a natural hair cleanser, look for one that suits your scalp as well as repairs your hair damage.

    What is a good hydrating shampoo?

    A good hydrating shampoo is one that can deliver adequate moisture to dull, dry, damaged and frizzy hair  and make your hair look and feel strong and healthy. A good natural shampoo for dry scalp will not only nourish your scalp, but also adds a beautiful lustre to your tresses and help tame frizziness.

    The best shampoo for dry hair is ideally one with an all-natural formula, and free from any harmful chemicals. Arata's hydrating shampoo is formulated with ginkgo, indian gooseberry, ginger, and other nature-derived herbs and is suitable for all hair types, and it also leaves your hair hydrated and strong. The formula is rich in antioxidants and cooling herbs that also boosts your hair’s natural growth.

    How do I hydrate and moisturize my hair?

    Look for products that have ingredients to hydrate and moisturise your hair. Avocado, coconut, olive and amla that help provide nourishment to your hair. Ensure your conditioners include some of these ingredients in order to lock the water content in your hair.

    We also highly recommend using a hydrating shampoo for hair as it is important give your scalp and hair the hydration that it deserves, and a hydrating shampoo for hair is perfect for the job.