Pulling An All-Nighter? Combat The Effects Of Less Sleep

3 Ways To Combat The Effects Of Less Sleep

With hectic schedules and last-minute deadlines, we’re well-versed in the art of pulling an all-nighter. The morning-after can be pretty tedious, and if you’ve got presentations, meetings, or even exams, lack of sleep can fog your brain up and destroy your energy levels.

Here are 3 effective ways of combating that harmless all-nighter, and increasing your energy levels to get through the day well.

Pace The Caffeine

Sure, racing through cups of coffee will boost your energy levels temporarily. But surviving on excess caffeine actually makes things worse: enter anxiety, rapid heart rate & fatigue once the caffeine crash kicks in. Instead, drink lots of water, eat leafy greens & nourish your body for a faster recovery.

Nap The Right Way

Slip in a quick nap, preferably when you’re feeling that mid-afternoon slump the next day. 

The optimal time for a refreshing snooze is about 20-30 minutes - anything longer will leave you incredibly groggy and fatigued. Remember, it’s all about how you nap to re-energize your body.

Keep Moving

If you’ve got a job that has you sitting for prolonged hours, take frequent walk breaks to open 

up your muscles, stretch your arms and legs, and activate your glutes. This keeps your body wide awake, eases joint pain & stiffness caused by lack of sleep, and improves your mood tremendously, too.

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