Three Ways To Up Your Shower Game!

  • Aug 27, 2019
  • Three Ways To Up Your Shower Game! - Arata Three Ways To Up Your Shower Game! - Arata

    Don’t we all love a great shower? If there's one thing you can't miss in the mornings - or after a long day at work, it's an incredibly soothing bath. 

    Here’s how you can take your showers to the next level in three easy steps.

    Go Toxin Free

    While you probably love those long showers, your body needs to love them, too! Ditch the toxins and opt for nurturing, plant-based products that soothe your skin and hair. Chemical-laden products tend to irritate and inflame your skin, and while they can yield results immediately, they can prove to be pretty harmful in the long-run. 

    Add a Fun Playlist

    Convert those morning showers into mini concerts! We've created a special shower playlist this week to amp up your shower game with upbeat melodies and pick-me-up tunes. There's absolutely nothing like a great song and dance number to enjoy while you cleanse and shampoo! Click here for the playlist.


    Take a moment, breathe, and let your body release all tensions. There’s no better way to relax than being mindful during your bath hour. Candles and bath salts are great to set the mood. Natural fragrances and personal care products, devoid of synthetic chemicals and harsh additives, make for an incredible bath ritual as well. 

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