What Is A Face Serum-Cream And How To Use It

  • Jul 20, 2020
  • Arata Face Serum Arata Face Serum

    A big myth that revolves around getting smooth, clear skin is that you need to use a lot of facial creams or face packs and engage in complicated skincare routines. The truth is that the kind of product and the method of application makes a huge difference to the outcome of your routine.

    First, it’s important to ensure that you use a face cream or face serum suitable to your skin type, and second, that you’re applying it the right way. You don't need to use generous quantities to get better and faster results, just use the formula judiciously. 

    Although face serums are all the buzz right now, it’s true that they are worth every penny you spend.

    What Is A Face Serum & Do Face Serums Really Work?

    The one thing that makes natural face serums different from face moisturizers is that they don't contain any of the heavy ingredients that give face creams and moisturizers a dense consistency.

    Face serums are usually water-based, so they assist in making the pores of your skin tinier. This, in turn, makes your skin firmer, giving it an extremely supple texture. While a natural moisturizer provides a good barrier against pollutants in the environment, and locks in moisture, it doesn’t necessarily actively work on your skin with its ingredients. 

    Natural face serums overcome this disadvantage and work actively with your skin type to offer you clearness, smoothness, and a naturally flawless texture. 

    Proper use of face serums can help achieve a supple texture and naturally even-toned skin. And well, who doesn't like skin that doesn't require makeup all the time and every time? 

    Do I Need Both A Serum And Moisturizer?

    The question that confounds most people is whether they should choose a natural face serum or a moisturizer, or well, both. A hydrating face serum for dry skin usually works best when you’ve got an itchy or dry skin type. A face cream is great for moisturizing on a daily basis. 

    We understand why there’s confusion between which to choose - the two products are created with different formulas and consistencies, and offer varying benefits. If used one after the other, the results vary for different skin types. 

    A hydrating face serum assists in restoring your skin’s natural hydration levels, while a face cream works the basics (and specifics, based on its formula).

    Can I Use A Serum Without A Moisturizer?

    Because a serum and moisturizer offer different benefits, they can each be used individually. There is no need to use them together. In fact, you can totally use a face serum without a moisturizer, and vice versa. 

    Commercial products are often dense with a lot of toxic chemical ingredients, which is why the less you use, the better. If you’re applying an oil-based face serum or a heavy moisturizer, make sure you’re only applying one of the two. This will ensure your pores don’t get clogged with the heavy formulas, and will allow your skin to breathe.

    How Do I Choose A Face Serum?

    Simple. Here are three simple steps to choosing the right face serum:

    • Figure out your skin type. Formulas work differently on different skin types, so be sure to choose something that soothes your skin rather than aggravates it. If you’re choosing a face serum for dry skin, it’s okay if the formula is slightly oily. If your skin type is acne-prone or oily, choose a serum that’s less greasy. 
    • Test the serum on your skin. If you apply a small quantity of the serum on your arm or the back of your hand, and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, you’ll know for sure if you’ve got any allergic reaction to the formula.
    • Make sure you’re opting for a natural face serum. Natural ingredients are the best thing we can do for our skin, and they keep away the toxic, harsh chemicals, that cause long-term damage, such as premature ageing, acne, inflammation, eczema, etc.

    Which Face Serum Is Best?

    Arata’s created a hydrating face serum cream, which combines the benefits of a natural face serum and a plant-based cream. You no longer need to be confused about which product to choose - because we’re giving you the best of both worlds.

    It offers the advantages of a face serum AND the nourishing goodness of a natural cream. Also, it’s super lightweight, so it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin.

    How To Use A Face Serum In Your Daily Skincare Routine?

    It takes a bit of time to create and follow a proper skincare routine, but once you make a few rituals into a habit, the routine can become quite effortless. Nonetheless, you have to invest both your time and patience to get good results. 

    After cleansing and toning your skin, apply your face serum. Follow up with your SPF or moisturizer. Use your face serum twice, or at least once, daily.

    Serums multiply the effects of a moisturizer. However, if you feel like your skin is getting too oily, skip the moisturizer and apply a light SPF cream after the serum. Face serums for dry skin hydrate your skin, and when coupled with a moisturizer, they can seal in the effects, giving you a fresh, dehumidified look.

    Who Should Avoid Using Face Serums?

    People with skin conditions like eczema or acne should either avoid using chemical face serums altogether. A natural face serum cream will be much better, in such a situation. People with skin problems require gentle care, and chemical, oil-based serums have active ingredients that might aggravate skin problems. 

    Natural face serums, like the Arata Hydrating Face Serum-Cream, are suitable for all skin types. A face serum-cream contains plant-based ingredients tested not to have side-effects. It even decreases inflammation and works as an anti-ageing agent, improving the elasticity of your skin.

    If you are allergic to plants or natural products, it’s always good to be super vigilant about the products you buy. Make sure you thoroughly check the ingredients, in case of any allergies.  


    The first and foremost thing is to NEVER overuse serums. Face serum creams are used in minute quantities, as compared to other facial products. Apply a small quantity of the formula evenly on your face and neck. Gently massage it into your skin.

    Always use them before applying any kind of cream or moisturizer, and after cleansing and toning your face. You can even skip the moisturizer if you feel the need to do so. The Arata Hydrating Face-Serum Cream works excellently as a combination product, offering the benefits of both a hydrating face serum and a cream. 

    If you don't have a toner, rose water works really well as a replacement. 

    For men and women with skin ageing at an alarming rate, face serum creams are a blessing. The Arata Anti-Ageing Face Kit, which includes their gentle face wash and hydrating face serum-cream, is an ideal option, packed with all-natural, plant-based ingredients.