Working From Home? Here’s 3 Ways To Find Routine

  • Mar 30, 2020
  • 3 Ways To Find Best Routine - 3 Ways To Find Best Routine -

    Is This Global Pandemic For Real?

    While we live through this historic global pandemic, we’re all trying to hold onto some semblance of our lives before the outbreak. Work from home has become the new norm, and almost all of us are attending Zoom calls or Whatsapp video calls with team members in an attempt to carry forward our professional ethic. After all, work needs to get done and life needs to move on.

    However, the change of routine has affected each of us in different ways. It’s made some of us lazy, disorganized, or anxiety-prone. It’s got some of us immensely bored and lonely. It’s taken away the things we cherished most about our day-to-day lives and given us an altogether new reality. It’s like we’re living in a dystopian world all of a sudden and there’s absolutely nothing we can do about it!

    So what should we do about it? We are going to get through this. There’s no doubt about that. Wouldn’t it be way better to come out of this situation stronger, more aware, more educated, and well, more centered? 

    3 Ways To Find Routine

    Before you get anxiety-ridden, let’s pause. Take a moment to remember that this is temporary. Let’s be grateful for all the healthcare professionals working day and night to solve this issue while we get to stay at home, safe and healthy. 

    In the meantime, here are three easy ways of finding routine when you’re feeling all beat so that you and your loved ones can make the absolute best of your work-from-home situation.

  • Fix A Time To Wake Up Every Morning

  • Sounds really simple and irrelevant right? It’s an easy habit to master and it goes a long way in pushing you into routine. We need motivation to wake up every morning during this pandemic. Setting your alarm clock for the same hour encourages you to sleep at a fixed hour and push yourself out of bed at the same time each day. Human beings are creatures of habit, we all know this and live this. Let’s not forget that during these times! 

  • Add A Daily Ritual To Your Day

  • This could be a daily breakfast ritual, or half an hour of yoga. This could be twenty minutes of meditation or a bit of bed-time reading before lights out. You could incorporate a few stretches, and exercise into your day, or even give yourself a detox facial in the evenings. It all depends on you! The beauty of this ritual is that it allows you time for self-care and gives your body, mind, and soul some food for thought. With the absence of commute time and office confines, we have a lot more time on our hands. Let’s use that time wisely.

  • Coffee Online, Anyone?

  • You heard right. If you’re feeling lonely and you need your friends and loved ones around during your remote day, clock in a virtual coffee. Set a time, maybe after work hours, and get on a video call with your bestie. Sip some coffee, catch up on your day, and give each other some much-needed company during these challenging times.


    The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to focus on personal growth. It doesn’t have to be a transformation you’re looking for or some sort of internal inner metamorphosis. Simply take this time to stay, breathe, and get to know yourself. Give your body rest! I suppose the earth is asking us to do this. 

    Rather than allowing this upheaval of routine to get you stressed or existentially frustrated, focus on the positives of your day. You’ve got more time to finish that book you always wanted to read, more quiet to listen to the birds, the trees, the rain, and you’ve got all the energy you were previously expending on travel and frustrating coworkers. Make the best of this sabbatical, so that we can all come out of this healthier, happier, and more resilient.

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