Being sustainable, conscious and future-proof is key to us. We want to do and be good for not just humans, but for the earth and all its inhabitants. We’re transparent about all our ingredients and processes. If there’s something we haven’t covered on our website you can just email and ask! 

Testing standards

We do not test on animals. Our products have been certified by PETA as vegan and cruelty-free. Our formulas are dermatologically tested and approved for safe use by Spincontrol, an independent third-party testing company with headquarters in France.

Manufacturing standards

Our raw materials and ingredients are meticulously sourced keeping in mind safety and effectiveness. We collect certificates of analysis and organic certifications (where applicable) from all our suppliers. We carry out our manufacturing in a GMP-certified facility.

Our manufacturing partners all have valid licenses from respectable cosmetic and ayurvedic authorities. We also have Australia ‘non toxic’ and ‘made safe’ certifications for each product.

Packaging standards

Our packaging is made from 100% consumer recycled plastic. We work with packaging experts across the world, who sterilise and convert plastic waste into new, clean bottles and tubes.

We do not condone single-use plastic and are constantly researching on newer, sustainable materials. Our policy includes using biodegradable cardboard boxes and no excess plastic covering while shipping products.