5 Simple Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Home

  • Apr 25, 2019
  • 5 Simple Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Home - Arata 5 Simple Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Home - Arata
    Making a shift to clean living is one of the best things we can do today. Toxins find their way into our homes and personal spaces when we least expect them to, popping up in paraben-filled skin and hair-care products, synthetic disinfectants, and fruits and vegetables laced with potent and harmful pesticides.
    But worry not! Switching to clean living is a lot easier than it sounds. You can get started with these simple yet effective methods for a toxin-free home!
    Organic Food
    Pesticides are chemicals that can not only change the DNA of the fruits and vegetables we eat, but can also cause irreparable damage to our bodies. But now, with so much awareness and easier access to organic food, we can change what we buy and where we buy it from. If you’re in a big city, you can visit the farmers’ market over the weekend, order food from stores that only sell organic produce or if you have the space and time, invest in your own little kitchen garden. Trust us when we say this, there’s no greater joy than spotting the first set of tomatoes or chillies that you grew with your own two hands.
    Natural Laundry Powder
    Laundry powder is full of toxic chemicals, whether it’s synthetic fragrances, cleaning agents (some of which are also known to be carcinogenic), bleach (known to irritate the skin, eyes and lungs) or brighteners (harsh chemicals that give brighter whites and colors). On the other hand, eco-friendly, natural detergents, made using soap-berry and other natural herbs are safe for your skin, and the waste-water can be used to water your kitchen garden.
    Natural-Fibre Shower Curtains
    We suggest you avoid regular shower curtains that are made with PVC, which releases toxic gases in your house. Instead, choose a natural-fiber curtain, made from hemp or organic cotton.
    Herbal Disinfectant + Floor Cleaner
    All store-bought disinfectants and floor cleaners leave behind a strong, synthetic smell, which gives us the impression that our house is completely clean and sanitized. The truth is these products are full of chemicals that linger in the house long after, and can often be the cause for respiratory disorders. Natural disinfectants with the goodness of neem, vinegar and lemon are perfectly safe and keep your house free of germs.
    Natural Skin and Hair-Care Products
    Commercial skin and hair-care products are full of parabens, SLS and other synthetic ingredients that can possibly even enter your bloodstream through the skin. The best way to avoid that is by choosing natural and plant-based products that nourish and heal your skin.
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