9 Easy Tips on using Hair Conditioner for Best Hair Care

  • Oct 14, 2020
  • 9 easy tips on using hair conditioner for best hair care 9 easy tips on using hair conditioner for best hair care

    A hair conditioner is for everyone. A lot of people use it way less than it should be, or worse, skip it altogether. Remember it this way, if you’re using shampoo, definitely use a natural hair conditioner immediately after. While shampoo removes the dirt and sebum from the scalp, buy hair conditioner online to keep your strands nourished.

    Read on for some exciting hair conditioning tips...

    What is a hair conditioner used for?

    Hair conditioner is a product used to improve the texture, shine and manageability of hair. Dry hair should be especially treated with conditioner, along with hair frequently styled and exposed to heat. Even for people who don’t style frequently, daily exposure to the environment and sun can cause hair to become frizzy and dull over time, and in those cases, a natural hair conditioner is your best friend! 

    Conditioner is usually the step that follows a shampoo. Just as one shouldn’t skip out on a moisturizer after washing their face, the same logic is applicable to hair conditioning tips too. Shampoo cleanses the scalp, removing oils and impurities, while a hair conditioner is essential in restoring the lost moisture from your hair, detangling it and keeping it healthy.

    Which is the best hair conditioner?

    If you’ve set out to buy hair conditioner online, it is going to be a confusing road for you. For dry or damaged hair, just conditioning isn’t enough, you need to match the shampoo to your hair too! If you have a dry scalp, you need to use a Hydrating Shampoo with the conditioner, but if you have an oily scalp with dry hair, choose the combination of a Cleansing shampoo and a mild conditioner. 

    Always choose a natural hair conditioner over a chemical one, since the silicones and sulfates in the latter one can give massive product buildup on your scalp.

    9 easy tips on using hair conditioner

    Are hair conditioners harmful?

    Like every product in the world, a hair conditioner has its side effects too. If you use a conditioner with synthetic ingredients and don’t rinse it off well, the product build-up can cause irritation or acne on the scalp.

    Another side effect is, if you use too much of it, it has the potential to weigh your hair down, especially if you have fine, straight hair. Always remember to keep the conditioner away from the scalp, and only apply it along the strands and ends, to prevent excess hair loss.

    How do I wash my hair with just a conditioner?

    A lot of people, especially those with curly hair, prefer to wash their hair with a conditioner. This method, called co-washing, is gentler on dryer and fragile hair. However, it may leave product remnants on the scalp, so it is advisable to use a mild cleansing shampoo once a while to clear the residue well.

    It is not recommended for people with thinner and straight hair, since it can get weighed down, and neither for ones with an oily scalp any other medical condition. 

    A few hair conditioning tips for co-washing-

    1. Wet all your strands well, so that the dirt is easier to rinse off and the product is distributed evenly
    2. Take a generous amount of natural hair conditioner in your palms.
    3. Massage the conditioner well into your scalp and distribute evenly through your hair. Leave it on for a few minutes, and rinse it off later.
    4. Use a cleansing or clarifying shampoo once or twice a month, to keep your head squeaky clean.