How To Choose The Best Body Wash For You

  • Jul 20, 2020
  • Arata Body wash Arata Body wash

    Don’t we all love a great shower? It’s one of the best times to relax, immerse oneself in steaming hot water, and allow all the nerves in your body to calm down. It can be the most relaxing thing in your daily routine. It can also become the time you make important decisions, sing your heart out, or simply rejuvenate your soul. 

    A long hot shower after a hectic day is just what you need. But while you probably love showers, your body needs to love them, too. When you have the right body cleanser, it makes all the difference to your daily bath routine.

    What To Keep In Mind When Buying A Body Wash?

    The most essential thing to keep in mind should be your allergies. If you have any allergies or skin-related issues, make sure you thoroughly check the ingredients on the product label you’re eyeing. Any quantity of irritants can kill the benefits of the product, causing inflammation or harm to your skin. 

    With the low air quality these days, skin problems are escalating at an alarming rate. The skincare products you choose play an important role in soothing and nourishing your skin, and helping you combat the pollutants and toxins you find everywhere.

    What Is The Safest Body Wash?

    There’s no doubt that natural body care products offer immense benefits, and are among the safest these days. The best part is that they all have zero or minimal side effects. 

    Further, using an organic body wash can make you feel connected to nature. The Arata Cleansing Body Wash is one of the best body cleansers for dry skin as well as normal skin, offering the benefits of hydration, exfoliation, and moisturization in the gentlest possible way.

    How Often Should You Use A Body Wash?

    You may think you already know how to use a body cleanser, but there are many little things we’re ignorant of. Using a loofah or scrub with your body cleanser is an absolute must. It helps exfoliate your skin and cleanses in a better fashion. 

    If you have dry skin, make sure you choose a soft loofah. Avoid using stone-based scrubs. If the loofah feels too harsh, replace it with a soft body sponge. 

    You can also use your natural body care product in your bubble baths or tub baths. Pour a few spoonfuls of the body cleanser under running water, right into your tub. The fragrance and soap cleanses your body, soothes your pores, and relaxes your skin.

    When using an organic body wash during your shower, scrub your body in small and gentle circular motions from top to bottom. Not all body cleansers safer than regular soaps, but they’re also much better (and more mild) for those with dry skin.  

    You can use your organic body wash daily! Especially if the formula you’ve chosen is a natural one. Body washes for dry skin with plant-based, natural ingredients are the safest and most effective in the long run. They’re also super safe to use daily, whether you shower once or twice. 

    So Is A Natural Body Wash Really Better?

    Absolutely. Natural body washes and organic body washes are environmentally-friendly, animal-friendly, cruelty-free, and if they’re formulated well, they’re often vegan as well. Unlike chemical-based products, there’s usually no animal testing involved in the formulation, which is a big plus. 

    Moreover, when your body cleanser or organic body wash is entirely plant-based, vegan, and sustainably packaged, it is easily disposable, posing no harm to the environment. 

    Arata goes one step further to make sure their products are packaged with sustainable materials. We provide the entire list of plant-powered ingredients used in our formulas, and we believe in ditching all the toxins. 


    It’s essential that we opt for natural body care products that soothe our skin and hair in the shower. Now more than ever, we are completely aware of the harmful effects of chemical-laden products, and how they tend to irritate your scalp and body.

    It’s vital we switch to nurturing, plant-based products that heal our bodies. So take a moment, breathe, and let your body release all tension in your daily shower. There’s no better way to relax, and we’re definitely not fans of a rushed shower, especially when you can be present and mindful to enjoy every bit of it with natural, plant-based cleansing formulas.