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Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil
Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil

Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil

Deep Nourishing Curly Hair Oil

Nourished roots


Rejuvenated curls


Head-turning bounce

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Key Benefit of the Product

Softens curls

Key Benefit of the Product

Fights frizz

Key Benefit of the Product

Strengthens hair

Key Benefit of the Product

Promotes shine

Key Benefit of the Product

Fights breakage

Size: 100ml

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Key Ingredients

Key Benefit of the Product

Onion extract

Key Benefit of the Product

Grapeseed oil

Key Benefit of the Product

Seaweed oil

Key Benefit of the Product

Sesame oil

How to Use
Product Details
  • Provides deep nourishment, strengthening each strand from root to tip.
  • Defines hair texture for a smoother, more refined look.
  • Enhances curls with a radiant, silky shine.
  • Shields hair from damage, keeping it resilient and healthy.
  • Tames frizz while sealing in essential moisture for lasting hydration.
  • Stimulates hair growth, promoting lush, voluminous curls.
  • Conditions and moisturizes deeply, restoring hair's natural vitality.
  • CG approved formula
  • No silicones, sulfates or parabens.

Step 1: Start with dry or damp hair. You can use the oil before your regular shampoo routine or as a pre-conditioning treatment. Just dispense a generous amount of Arata's Advanced Curl Care Hair Oil onto your fingertips or directly onto your scalp. Step 2: Gently massage the oil into your scalp using your fingertips. Be sure to distribute it evenly from roots to tips, covering all your curls. Step 3: Leave the oil on for at least 20 minutes to allow it to deeply penetrate your hair shafts and nourish your scalp. Step 4: After the waiting period, cleanse your hair with the curl care shampoo. Massage the shampoo into your scalp and hair to remove the oil thoroughly. Note: For an extra boost of hydration and conditioning, you can leave the oil on your hair overnight. Simply cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap it in a scarf to prevent staining your pillowcase. In the morning, rinse out the oil with lukewarm water and follow up with your regular shampoo routine.

Ideal for: ✅Type 2 - Wavy Hair ✅Type 3 - Curly Hair ✅Type 4 - Coily Hair

Hey Curlfriend,

Here's a nourishing hair oil that could actually make your curls bounce with joy and grow stronger every day!

We know, the struggle of oiling your curls is real, but trust us, this oil is different. It's lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbs like a dream, giving your curls the nourishment they crave without weighing them down.

This magical blend of Onion Extract, Grapeseed Oil, Seaweed Oil, and Sesame Oil is like a spa day for your curls. Massaging this nourishing goodness feels like a mother's loving hug to your curls. The added bonus is that it helps fight dryness and frizz by moisturizing your hair cuticles and strengthening those roots.

And here's the best part - it's not just about hydration. This oil is packed with antioxidants from grapeseed oil to prevent breakage and seaweed oil to revitalize and strengthen your strands. It's basically a superfood for your curls, and you have to try it for the sake of your curls!

key Result


of users experienced softer curls


of users noticed stronger hair



Q. Is this product for all genders?

Ans. Yes, this product can be used by all genders

Q. How to get the best results?

Ans. Use this product after as a part of Arata�s Curl Care range

Q. Which hair type is it best for?

Ans. This is suitable for curly hair

Q. What are its key benefits?

Ans. It strengthens curls, soothes scalp and repairs hair damage.

Q. How often should this be applied?

Ans. Before every hair wash. Suitable for daily use.

Q. Is it suitable for sensitive scalp?

Ans. It is dermatologically tested and is non-irritant to the skin, which means that our oil does not cause irritation, rashes, or allergic reactions.

Q. When can I see the actual results?

Ans. You can start seeing visible results after just one use.


Product colour may change over time due to the use of natural ingredients, but the efficacy remains unaffected. We recommend a patch test, particularly for sensitive skin. For external use only. Use as directed for best results. Avoid contact with eyes. If the product comes in contact with your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation develops and persists, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Product & Manufacturing Information

Bo International Private Limited, 884, Udyog Vihar, Phase 5, Gurgaon, Haryana, 122016.