7 Most-Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips

  • Apr 25, 2019
  • 7 Most-Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips - Arata 7 Most-Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Chapped Lips - Arata

    Chapped lips can happen for an umpteen number of reasons. Too much matte lipstick, dry and cold weather, dehydration, smoking and drinking, or even strong medications. But fret not, these simple yet effective home remedies will transform those dry lips into healthy and supple lips in no time.


    Cucumber is extremely hydrating for the body and skin. In addition to making this vegetable a daily part of your diet (especially in the summer), you can use it to treat chapped lips. All you have to do is take a slice of cucumber and rub it on your lips for 2-3 minutes. You can either leave the cucumber juice on or wash it off after 15 minutes. Voila! The dryness will be completely gone in a few days.

    Sugar & Honey

    Sugar exfoliates dead cells, while honey nourishes your lips. Mix two tablespoons of sugar with one tablespoon of honey, and apply it to your lips. Keep the blend on for about 20 minutes, before washing it off for soft and supple lips.

    Green Tea

    Green tea is packed with antioxidants and tannins that heal dry and dehydrated skin. After youre done drinking your morning cup of green tea, place the used tea bag on your lips for 10 minutes. This will relieve the dryness and flakiness, and hydrate your lips.

    Coconut Oil

    Extra virgin coconut oil is a must-have in your kitchen, irrespective of the weather. It has healthy fatty acids that give your lips the natural oils they need to stay supple and moisturized. Apply the oil 2-3 times a day, depending on the intensity of your dry lips, and don’t forget to rub some on before bed to speed up the healing process.

    Fresh Cream

    Cream is packed with fat that moisturizes and heals chapped lips. All youve got to do is take some of that fresh milk cream out of the refrigerator, apply it liberally on your chapped lips, and  leave it on for about 20-25 minutes. Cream has a host of benefits for your skin, which is no wonder our ancestors applied so much of it to their bodies and faces! Wash it off with water, and find your lips renewed.


    A lot of us have tried the glycerin and rose water concoction to moisturize our skin. But glycerin works extremely well for dry lips, too. It removes dead skin and blemishes, and the results are soft, healthy lips. Apply glycerin 2-3 times during the day, and of course, before going to bed, so you can wake up with hydrated and moisturized lips.

    Nourishing Lip Balm

    Its easy to get lost in grocery store aisles with numerous brands asking for your attention. Every brand promises supple lips, but the truth is that most mainstream lip balms are made using synthetic ingredients that are pretty harmful in the long-run. Look for a good, nature-derived or plant-based lip salve that offers long-term benefits rather than short-term hydration. The Arata 100% Nature-Derived Lip Balm is packed with the goodness of cocoa butter, coconut oil, lemon and peppermint extract, and is a great remedy for dry and chapped lips.

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