Why Switching To A Natural, Non-Toxic Shampoo Is The Best Decision You Make This Year!

  • Apr 25, 2019
  • Why Switching To A Natural, Non-Toxic Shampoo Is The Best Decision You Make This Year! - Arata Why Switching To A Natural, Non-Toxic Shampoo Is The Best Decision You Make This Year! - Arata

    Shampoo commercials on television are all about having strong, squeaky-clean and shiny hair. But just a little digging into the ingredients that go into making these mainstream shampoos revealed to us how terrible and toxic these shampoos really are. Theres even a strong possibility that these toxins are absorbed through our skin, then bypass our liver, and can eventually enter the bloodstream and tissues directly. But wait, what are these chemicals, you ask?


    Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

    SLS is a detergent and a surfactant used to break down surface tension, which basically makes the shampoo a more effective cleanser. But SLS is also linked to nitrosamines, a strong carcinogen that causes our body to absorb nitrates, which is another known carcinogen.  

    Propylene Glycol (PEG)

    PEG is thought to interfere with the body, and is linked to liver abnormalities and kidney damage. Turns out, this ingredient is used in anti-freeze for our car radiator, but we can also find it in moisturizers, hand sanitizers, conditioners and shampoos. Sounds crazy, but its true!

    Potassium Sorbate

    Even though it sounds like sorbet, potassium sorbate, used as a preservative in hair-care products, is known to cause skin and organ system toxicity.

    Behentrimonium Chloride

    Behentrimonium Chloride is a type of ammonium salt used as a preservative and surfactant. It is a toxic compound, with concentrations of 0.1% and higher having been shown to damage the eyes. Moreover, it can also cause irritation to the skin.


    Artificial fragrances can contain thousands of chemicals, including phthalates. Since fragrances are protected as a trade secret, all the ingredients do not even have to be listed on the label. That makes us even more susceptible to toxins without us knowing the consequences of using them.

    This list just about scratches the surface. There are so many other hidden chemicals in our everyday shampoos, from Quaternium-15 and Dimethicone to Triclosan and Diethanolamine, we could go on and on. But instead of focussing entirely on whats terrible for us, lets take a moment here to shift our attention to natural and organic shampoos - a perfect alternative to these toxic shampoos.

    To us, opting for natural shampoos means opting for nature-derived blends, created without the use of a single chemical component. This means excluding ingredients that are used as preservatives to increase the shelf-life of a natural, chemical-free shampoo. Natural shampoos are also free of synthetic fragrances and are made with plant-based ingredients. They are vegan, great for eczema and psoriasis sufferers, as well as those with sensitive skin.

    Something like Arata’s 100% Nature-Derived Shampoo with the goodness of Coconut oil, Blueberries and Italian Honeysuckle. A perfect everyday shampoo that lathers really well, and leaves your hair feeling soft, hydrated and moisturized.

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