A Step-By-Step Guide To Applying Your Hair Oil For Best Results

  • Aug 11, 2020
  • Arata Nourishing Hempocado Oil Arata Nourishing Hempocado Oil

    Ever wondered whether you’re applying your hair oil the wrong way? There are so many benefits to every organic hair oil and hair growth oil in the market, but the truth is that the way we apply these formulas to our scalps can make a world of a difference to the results. Your hair grows faster, healthier, and smoother, with the right sort of application.

    So does applying your hair oil differently yield different results? Yes! Your method of application can drastically change the impact any cold-pressed hair oil has on your strands. 

    How Do You Use Hair Oils? 

    We’re giving you a step-by-step guide to applying your damage repair hair oil the right way, in order to get the absolute best out of those head massages. 

  • Choose a cold-pressed hair oil that suits your hair type.

  • It is vital to choose a natural hair oil that suits your scalp, alongside doing the obvious: nourishing your hair and giving you soft, rejuvenated strands. Do your research, read the ingredients on the label (or website), and make thoughtful purchases based on your unique personal requirements, when choosing the right organic hair oil.  

  • Warm the oil to a lukewarm temperature.

  • Although it’s totally normal to apply your hair growth oil or damage repair hair oil as is, there are several benefits to applying the oil lukewarm. The oil penetrates your scalp more easily, soothes your scalp when applied, and remains effective for a longer duration. Ensure that the oil is NOT hot, just slightly lukewarm.

  • Separate your locks into sections across your scalp.

  • Segregating your hair into sections makes the application of any natural oil or organic oil much simpler, quicker, and more efficient. If you’ve got long or voluminous hair, all the better! Section your hair into several parts, and apply your hair oil evenly. 

  • Massage the oil gently.

  • Ensure that you spend some time gently massaging your scalp for maximum damage repair. A natural hair oil massage also soothes you mentally. The herbal and natural aromas of the oils relaxes your body, your scalp, and your mind. A massage also improves blood circulation, and in return, assists your hair growth. Use organic hair oil or cold-pressed hair oil for the best results. 

  • Wrap a warm cloth around your hair.

  • After applying the oil, wrap a warm cloth around your head to create your very own mini hair spa. The heat steams your hair, giving your strands a smooth texture after shampooing. Keep the warm cloth on for about 30 minutes, for the best results. 

  • Wash off the oil with a gentle shampoo. 

  • Many of us undo the effects of a good oil massage by shampooing with a toxic formula. Moreover, we often over-wash to get the oil completely out, especially if the oil is super dense and heavy. Take care by selecting an organic hair oil that isn’t too heavy and intense on your scalp, and that washes out easily with your shampoo. Do not over-wash your scalp, and use a good natural shampoo or mild formula that will rinse away the oil while offering benefits. 

    How Can I Increase My Hair Growth?

    Using a natural hair oil weekly is the best way to increase your hair growth. Following safe hair-care routines are also essential to hair growth. S don't over-use heating irons, because they damage your locks and cause hair fall. Switch to a damage repair hair oil if you’ve got split or frizzy ends, to make your hair healthy. Check your vitamin levels, to ensure you’re your vitamin balance is alright. These sort of small steps work in the long run to increase your hair growth. 

    Choose a cold-pressed hair oil that increases your hair growth while repairing damage. Follow up with a natural shampoo and conditioner tailored to increase the thickness of your hair. The Arata Damage Repair Duo is the best pair to increase your volume and get hydrated hair. And ofcourse, the things that work best for your scalp: eat lots of protein and practise plenty of yoga. 

    What Is The Best Oil For Your Hair?

    The Arata Nourishing Hempocado Oil is a unique blend of hempseed and avocado oil. Both of its component oils are cold-pressed, making them rich in vitamins and minerals. The oil is suitable for everyone, all genders, all ages, all hair groups. It works as one of the best natural hair oils, restoring oil balance, replenishing your scalp, and strengthening your roots.